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Timo Janse presents cocktail trends of Amsterdam

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Timo Janse  is an outstanding representative of Amsterdam's bar scene. The co-organiser of Amsterdam Cocktail Week and head-barman of Door 74.


Be kind unwind

Jenever, Maurin Quina, maraschino and hazelnut liqueurs with hints of citrus.

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Latin chest

Silver tequila and homemade passionfruit syrup with coriander, with fresh passionfruit and hot chili.

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Put the lime in the coconut

Dark rum, coffee liqueur, coconut milk and rose lemonade.

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Rosemary smash

Scotch whisky, homemade pineapple syrup and lime juice.

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The engines that can

Strong Mezcal, Italicus liqueur and prosecco, with lemon juice.

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Photo: Marina Novosad

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