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Charles Joly: There aren't enough days in three lifetimes to do everything I'd like to

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Let me pass on the advice of Hemingway: "Always do sober what you said when you were drunk. It will teach you to keep your mouth shut."

Bartending is a career.

This is all about creating a pleasant experience for your guest. Cocktails are far less important than this.

A bar manager needs to be willing to do any job in the building. You can't ask someone else to do something if you're not willing to first do it yourself.

The three main pillars on which a bar's success is based are hospitality, quality, and service.

The behind-the-scenes staff is the oil that keeps the machine running smoothly.

I’ve had to sacrifice time with friends and loved ones on the road to success. You constantly have to struggle to find balance between work and personal life.

It only is an issue if people claim credit for other people's original recipes. At some point, ideas become part of the collective.

I don't like the word "mixology". The act of making a cocktail is a honed craft, creating balance and consistency to please your guest. 

There aren't enough days in three lifetimes to do everything I'd like to.

Alaskans have more reason than anyone to have a cocktail.

How to make the owner of the bar happy? Put money in the drawer.


Photo: Alexandria Rowlen

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