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Dimitris Kiakos: Cocktails are like top models: good jewelry doesn't mean good taste!

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Customers come to a bar for a warm smile and a good drink and, as far as I'm concerned, the essence of a real bar lies somewhere between these two things.

Give your customers the feeling that they can feel "at home" in your bar – and they'll stay with you for a long time.

Cocktails are like top models: good jewelry doesn't mean good taste!

If you want to increase sales, keep the quality of service high and the prices low.

There should always be a "direct line" between the bartenders and the customers.

Only one thing in the whole wide world could destroy the bar business: the juniper fungus threatening the world's gin supply!

With your own bar, you can never be certain of your own vacations.

Even in the most difficult times, there's always a chance to do your work even better and make a difference.

What drink would I offer the first mermaid captured in history? Perhaps gin, for the lady in her, and tonic, for the fish.

A drop of bitters can relieve a girl's stress – I'm certain she'll forget about everything!

My longest shift behind the bar lasted 14 hours. It was pretty fun, but I'll never do it again.


Photo: Joseph Galanakis

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